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Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

The average life span of a Garage opener is 10 to 15 years but by keeping good maintenance its life span can be increased to twenty years. By replacing the older model you will get more safety, security, and convenience and this is one of the most important to replace your old Garage door Opener. Every garage opener required to equip the safety mechanism.

For getting the safety mechanism this feature needs two six inches sensors above the floor on both sides of the door. When an object will pass, a light beam will be passed throughout the sensors. If your garage system doesn’t contain this safety system you should Installed these sensors for the safety and protection of your system. You can contact Veteran Garage Door Repair for the installation of these or for making any type of change in your system.

Are you still using an older garage door opener that disturbs the people due to its loud voice? if so. Don’t worry, now you can replace it with a new style garage door opener that would be open and close with a chain drive. A new garage door opener will be quieter than the old one. Older garage door opener doesn’t support the high level of security because their remote control works with a fixed coding system that anyone can guess by sitting outside their house whereas a new garage door opener works with the rolling code feature that will be changed after every time the unit will be used. No one can guess the code and able to enter your garage.

One of the biggest advantages is that the new system contains a battery backup system that will kick in automatically whenever you lose electrical power. I would recommend you visit Veteran Garage Door Repair for making any changes in your system.

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